We are a group of Roman guys who wanted to prove themselves with a new esperience in order to stimulate our desire to stay in touch together, to share our passion for the Eternal City!
We are prepared to give you any informations, suggestions in order not miss even one of the many place in this beautiful but chaotic town.
At the reception, will found our Contacts to be able to make use of our different skills during you stay.

St. Peter bed in Rome’s Staff:


She speaks italian, english and french. Born in Puglia, Southern Italy, she lives in Rome for more than ten years. She’s the “creative soul”, up to date on the fashion district of Rome.


She speaks italian and english and she is a Roman D.O.P.
Archaelogist, but also organiser people, she’s the right person to get informations about you stay in Rome or St. Peter Bed in Rome’ s availaibilty.


Speaks italian and english. Active person, he loves travelling.
Fulvio is the “life of the party” to recommend city attractions and events. Fulvio is also a great friend with which philosophizing about major issues of the Universe!


Speaks italian and spanish and english (a little beat).
Roman and great Rome’s fan, let he suggest restaurants and special delights.
If all goes well, he could cook for you.


 He speaks italian and english.
Roman and very Rome’s fun but also and above all Dad!
He has worked on the guesthouse’s renovation..if something breaks, Ivano is able to fix everything.


Speaks italian, english and spanish.
Always smiling and nice, Sandro is the first person you meet when arriving at St. Peter Bed in Rome and you see every morning.
He helps keeping guesthouse clean and comfortable. Sandro will touch you with his good spirito and funny.